5 Tips for Selling a Run-Down Property
Front vew of unmowed lawn of an abandoned foreclosed Cape Cod style house in suburban Maryland, USA.

5 Tips for Selling a Run-Down Property

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Front vew of unmowed lawn of an abandoned foreclosed Cape Cod style house in suburban Maryland, USA.

Selling a run-down property can be tough business. You’ll be dealing with outdated fixtures, a lack of modern appliances, and space restrictions that make it harder to sell the house quickly and for good money. If you want to get top dollar for it without spending a fortune on renovations or repairs, these five tips will help!

1. Focus on Curb Appeal

It doesn’t matter how wonderful a home might be on the inside if it has an unattractive exterior. So, you’ll need to make the outside of your home as visually appealing as possible. Curb appeal can increase the home’s value by 5% to 11%! So, repaint, clean up landscaping, and perhaps even install new windows or doors. If you can’t afford a full renovation, focus on a few key areas and make sure they’re in great shape.

2. Replace Non-Functional Features

The next step is to replace any non-functional features in your home, such as a dated or broken furnace or air conditioner. If you can’t afford a full kitchen renovation, replace cabinet doors, drawer pulls, and faucets with ones that are more modern and appealing. You should also consider replacing countertops if they’re very outdated or damaged.

3. Price the Home Appropriately

The next thing to keep in mind is the price of your home. You should do a comparative study of the other homes in your neighborhood and then price your home accordingly. Depending on how badly run-down the property is, try to list the home slightly below market value. This will incentivize a quick sale and help you to maximize your profits in the long run.

4. Make Use of Professional Photography

Homes with professional photography have a higher perceived value than those without. A 2019 study by Redfin shows that professionally photographed homes are 20% more likely to sell. Good photography will help buyers see the potential that your property has, making it possible to sell faster and at a good price. Also, make sure the home is clean and properly staged when buyers come in.

5. Approach an Experienced Realtor

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to selling a run-down property. A good agent will have an in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood that will help increase your chances of finding a buyer quickly. And when it comes to marketing your home, a good agent will know all of the best tricks to get buyers through the door.

Need Help Selling Your Home?

Marketing through the right channels and at an attractive price point is key for getting your property off the market quickly and maximizing profits in the long run. A good real estate agent can help you achieve this. If you need assistance, contact Camden Mckay Realty at (909) 841-0243 today!

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