Mistakes That Homebuyers Make During Home Inspections

Mistakes That Homebuyers Make During Home Inspections

After finding a home you want to buy, it’s important to have a professional home inspector take a look at the property before you make an offer. The home inspector will check for any major problems with the home, such as structural issues, electrical problems, or plumbing leaks.

However, even with a professional home inspection, there are still a few things that can slip through the cracks. Here are a few mistakes that homebuyers make during home inspections:

1. Waiving the Home Inspection

One of the biggest mistakes that homebuyers make is waiving the home inspection. The 2022 Zillow Consumer Report shows that 14% of homebuyers have waived home inspections this year. But what you should know is that just because a home looks perfect on the surface doesn’t mean that there aren’t any hidden problems. By skipping the home inspection, you could be setting yourself up for expensive repairs down the road.

2. Not Being Present for the Inspection

One of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make is not being present for the home inspection. While the inspector will provide a detailed report, it’s important to see the problems firsthand to ask any questions and get a better understanding of the repairs that need to be made.

3. Not Asking Questions

One big mistake homebuyers make is not asking questions during the inspection. If you don’t understand something in the report, or if you want more information about a particular issue, be sure to ask the inspector. You should also ask about items that may need to be repaired or replaced in the future so that you can budget for those expenses.

4. Getting Too Involved

While it’s important to ask questions and be present for the inspection, you don’t want to get too involved. This can be a mistake because you may miss something important or get in the way of the inspector doing their job. You should let the inspector do their job and only step in if there is something you don’t understand or if you have a question.

5. Expecting a Perfect Report

Keep in mind that no home is perfect, and even new homes can have problems. The goal of the inspection is to identify any major issues that need to be addressed. You’ll get a report that could be from 15 pages to 70 pages, depending on the size of the home. Don’t expect a perfect report, and be prepared to negotiate with the seller based on the findings.

Buying a Home in California?

Home inspections are an important part of the homebuying process, and they can help you avoid making mistakes. So if you’re planning to buy a home in California, be sure to have it inspected by a professional. And if you need help navigating the homebuying process, contact Camden Mckay Realty at (909) 841-0243 to schedule a consultation today.

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