5 Questions To Ask Realtors When Hiring One

If you’re finally ready to own a home, here’s some good advice—hire a realtor. According to the NAR, 87 percent of homebuyers use the services of a real estate agent, and for good reason. And if you decide to work with a real estate agent, here are five crucial questions you should ask before you sign any contract.

1. How Long Have You Been in the Business?

The number of years your real estate agent has been in business should give you a sense of their experience and expertise. Expect your prospective agent to have several years of experience. Five or more is good but don’t just focus on the number; consider all other factors.

2. How Many Homes Have You Sold the Past Year?

Your agent should be able to provide you with a list of recent home buyers and sellers they’ve worked with. That’ll give you an idea of their success rate.

3. Are You a Full-Time Agent?

You want undivided attention and expertise from your agent, so ensure they work full-time in the real estate industry.

4. Where Do You Live?

This is relevant as a good realtor must know the local housing market well and have deep experience there. If they don’t live in the city you’re interested in purchasing a property, ask about the steps they take to familiarize themselves with the local market conditions.

5. What Other Services Do You Provide?

While the purchase or sale of a home is the primary service you’re looking for, many agents also offer other services that can be helpful, such as mortgage advice, home staging tips, and more. Be sure to ask about these services to take advantage of everything your agent offers.

Looking for a Reliable Realtor?

The realtor you hire could make or mar your home buying or selling experience. By asking the right questions, you can ensure that you hire a trusted realtor who is a good fit. If you’re in California and need help buying a home, reach out to us today at (909) 841-0243; we’d be happy to help!

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